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The Ape Collab 2 The Ape Collab 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice job.


FiveStar responds:

muy bien yo

The Starberry Collection The Starberry Collection

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Serious Sexiness.

Starberry responds:

I know.

SS Time Trials 5 SS Time Trials 5

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pure Leet

Would you mind if I joined one? If I could, respond to this review.

The South Park Collection The South Park Collection

Rated 5 / 5 stars



The world of this society belongs to South Park of your flash. You made the best world job on the second part of the joint with pictures very well compressed to 735.7kb and the song was made by who knows. This kind of flash is the flash I live for on NG. I wish you would submit more of this because this is my favorite type so that I can watch what you have become of since you joined. I am sorry for the inconvience but I love clock movies espcecially when you paradoy off south park, and alreayd very offense show.
If you could have done this any different I probably wouldnt have liekd it as much. My favorite south park episode is basically summed up by this. You should try to get a show on MTV2 late at night or something. Like one of those weird sock shows, but with flashes like this. That would be creative.

BTW I like the Killers.

Pube Muppet Meets Shit Pube Muppet Meets Shit

Rated 0 / 5 stars



I thought the fundempemtal set of runs was quite swell. There have been sweedish movies that have came out while I was alive but I never surivied to read another email from StrawberryClock. By the way I was doing this formula over night to make it work right.

E=MC(squared) Is equvilent to StrawberryClock<Coolboyman.
He is coool but the formula didn't work the other way around. It was like someone was in an oblivion and hated what other bastards did what a lame-ho Douche.

Well I thought your flash was good because it was the best thing I have seen about Newgrounds in 10 years. Because I have been here since 1983 but I just got an account today. If you improve the graphics I can see where your going with them. The pube-muppet was a little homsexual and had bad compressions. Beards aren't cool man. If you want to improve Shit then make him pee. Pee is yellowish green when It goes through the Rapids ride the rapids everyone. The rapids would be an awesome place to shoot your next movie.

I love your style because it doesn't work. It just doesn't work. No one will let it work because that's how it makes something work correctly. Please accept any ideas I have given you because they are good and don't suck and I don't hate them. If Someone kills this flash i would be sad because I usual vote 5 on stuff like this. As long as it's good quality... as in StrawberryClock than its good.

If you found out that the LockLegion has nothing on the ClockCrew that's what this movie explains. It explains the fundemplent motion of refraction in Science. That's why B is a letter. B is a letter because Nuton's Broad law of Happiness/Gayness. Mario is a good game but Megaman is better when It comes to parodies made by PixelClock. I don't like his style though, its too shitty and If I were you StrawberryClock, I would vote 0 on his latest movie. EVEN if its one of yours (Coolboyman)= NegativeOne.

Tom Fulp must vote on this movie. I know he will like it because B is the second thing he ever co-stared in. If I had flash Material MX .02 7 I would make a serious movie about the reason of life and how StrawberryClock knows the reason of life is B. I have seen Livecorspe... but it is sad how he probably never got to see this movie. Neither did WadeFulp because he has a family. I am scaried to think what would happen if this movie was erased and sameness was taken into effect. If you have another reason for making this flash let me know because I do realise that this must have taken you 25 years including George Lucas getting pregnant off HandCrack. Hand Soap. and SexLubedAnal cunt. That should be your new alias once Coolboyman is teh leet haxo0rd.

This is very important. Don't let anyone see this flash when they aren't in the right mood because you will probably vote 0 out of noobity/nudidty. It is not the key element that counts, its the consesancy in the Battle of the Shit with Pube Muppet. If Pube Muppet just the loving author of heart and love he was created under, maybe his file size would pen0r up to five.

But seriously... What is this talk? I don't understand how nothing is accomplished when people vote low on these types of movies. The pointless retarted handicapped no reasoned redundent mexican film. I love this but no one will know the author's will of conseed me because I know that Wal-Mart would sell a DVD of this. In later news five people died in a heart when Kurt Cobain shed light on this drawing. Bedn is my hated. Don't wait until there are no more of these flashes left you son of a bitch bigbadron. These movies should be showcased and awarded with small muffins and site awards.

It's simple
Pie Are Squared.
Think of the problem: 2x - 8(8)fy = y
If this couldn't be solved without knowing the third varaible... Add B.

Think of this before reviewing or watching or making movies.